Monday, 25 April 2016

X-Wing Event @ Incom Gaming


May the Force be with You as you join the Galactic conquest for the Star Wars Universe as either a roguish member of the Rebel Alliance or an esteemed officer of the Imperial Navy....
Fight to secure resources; Battle for planets of strategic worth; War your way to ruling the Galaxy as your Admiral leads you to victory!
This Multi-pilot Campaign spans the Star Wars Galaxy with the two factions battling for control of planetary systems. Unlike traditional tournaments, each forces' Admiral will assign squadrons to missions and each victory will bring glory & honours to that pilot - bringing their faction one step closer to Galaxy-wide domination!
So whether you're locking your S-foils in attack position or staying in attack formation with your nimble TIEs you will NOT want to miss this unique tournament experience of endurance, strategy & dogfighting!

Pick your side; Choose your Admiral; Unleash the fleet and Fight for the future of the Galaxy!

Purchase your advance ticket now and get 15% off pre-ordered X-Wing to be collected on the day. Details wishing your confirmation email.

View event pack here, then don't delay grab your tkt now.
~ Roll Dice & Have Fun! @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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