Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Games Night: 20.05.2014

Games Night at Pork Chop Gaming

Yet another fantastic turn out last night with lots of new faces and games systems being played. PCG is growing as the word spreads so please let everyone know about us.

It was great to see some new faces and make new friends as well as expand what we play at the club. All games systems and gamers are welcome and if you don't own anything but want to give something a try, then just pop along and you can use some of the armies / games we have here at the club

I look forwards to seeing you all again next week. Find us 'Here'.

Pictures of last night fun below...

Warmachine and Hordes clash on the battlefield
Who will win? Warmachine
Or Hordes
A Baal Predator tries to incinerate the Tau
Yep, it's cooked
But here comes reinforcements
Are the Eldar hiding?
Nope... just getting ready to lay waste to the Chaos army
Said Chaos army!
Kill, Kill, Kill
Raven Guard and Blood Angels fight over the prized relic
Dante drops in for a fight!
But the Sneaky Raven Guard snipers might take him out first
Ork Stomps!!!
And a couple more Orks
Stomp, Stomp, Stomp!
In a galaxy far far away, well the other end of the room lol.
OK, how big, that's going to do some damage
Tie fighters line up
Who will win?
One, Two, Three Land Raiders.... Oh dear Orks
Daemons of Warhammer Fantasy Battle... Nice

Lord of the Rings Battle
Two side face off
Chaos.... and Plague Marines
Tyranids with wings
Gun fodder
A girl playing Nids (yep, only at Pork Chop Gaming)
One of my favourite units, Plague Zombies
The Tau Empire prepare to fight the Necrons
Oh look... Necrons :)
And that's what they did to the Dark Eldar
Lord of the Rings armies clash
Daemon chariot runs over a Troll Slayer
the X-Wing battle commences
A Tau Riptide lines up on the Necrons
Still there, Necrons are hard to shift
Blood Angels advance on the Tau Empire
Warmachine and Hordes advance to battle
Tyranids vs Chaos of the Plague variety!
Actually they are on the same side... Whichever that side may be on
A Wraithknight Sandwich with Hellbrute filling
And the Chaos are still there
A Raven Guard Stormtalon zooms in to the relic while the Blood Angels make for it
And here comes the pain
Having Fun @ PCG Games Night
PCG Games Night
The Stompa Stomps again
Is that a Skaven unit sneaking up the flank

More Nids
And a BIG Nid!
Look at the size of that ship, and a bigger one will praise the table soon!
The Raven Guard finish the job
What.... The Stompa still has 12 hull points left... Oh dear me!
Big ship moves forward
One space!
Big ship hits Boba Fett
No more Boba Fett lol
Not much left now
The Necrons round the corner on the tau
And more fly over the lading pad
The Nids Swarm closes on the Plague Zombies
The other ships take flight from the big ship
The Eldar take the Chaos defences
But the Chaos Lord is not dead yet and lives on!

As you can see, a lot of fun was had at the club, so come along next Tuesday and join in on the fun! All are welcome.

~ Let the Pork see the Chop @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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