Saturday, 10 May 2014

Imperial knight

Imperial Knight

Hi all Mark here. This is my first imperial knight :) I painted it in house Cadmus as I love the back story for them, and it ties in with my yet to be revealed Nids; and goes well allied with my Eldar.
I have used it in quite a few games now and it's performed quite well, thought for 370 points I would mostly only use it in 2k games, having said that I am going to use it in my 1500 list at the next tournament.

More pics below.

 It's a tough nut to crack with armour 13,12,12 and 6 hull points, and an ion shield invulnerable save of 4+ on one facing, plus it uses all the "lords of war" rules; having said that it's been killed once, it got almost glanced to death by lots of heavy weapons then finished off by a heldrake vector strike, it took almost 3 hole turns to do it so the rest of my army was fairly untouched and I won quite easily.

 It is a lovely model to put together and even nicer to paint, and the lug and socket joints on the arms means they can be removed for transport without the need for magnets.
Over all I think it's worth the £80, and with it being able to be allied with most other army's is a must buy for anyone.

A guest post by Mark Platt - You can play against his army regularly at Pork Chop Gaming. Why not come along and meet him.

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