Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Games Night: 24.06.2014

Games Night at Pork Chop Gaming

WOW... What a fantastic turn out it was last night, lots of new people came along and joined in the fun, with games of Warmachine, Lord of the Rings, Deadzone and Warhammer 40,000.

Lots of varied games are played at the club, so please remember to spread the word and let all your friends know about us, you never know who might pop along and join in the fun! The more people who come, the more fun can be had, the better the club will get!

I look forwards to seeing you all again next week. Find us 'Here'.

Pictures of last night fun below...

Blood Angels advance
Two Warmachine factions battle it out
Some amazing models and painting
Got enough tokens?
Warmachine from above
The Ravenwing Move in
Blood Angels move out
The tau prepare for battle
Awesome Kroot
and even more awesome Kroot Riders
Plus the Vespid

A large ruin 2' x 2'
Flight of the Stormravens
Imperial Fist gun line
Plague Marines swarm an objective
Wraithknight in custom colour scheme
Heldrake making light work of the Eldar Gaurdians
Bring on the Nurgle Super-heavy
Ooops, Dead pile
Tau and Necrons advance
C'tan Shard stalks the battlefield
Promethium stack 2' x 2'
The Dreaded Eldar move out
A Wraithknight waiting for the kill
The Tau Empire rally to the defence
More Wraithguard
Blown up Necrons
Awesome vehicle destroyed / wrecked / smoke markers
The Necrons advance
Tombs Riders move out
Games being played the full length of the club
Chaos swarm the Raven Guard
Daemon Prince of Khone
Yet the Raven Guard surround them
Deadzone, will the rebels survive
Deadzone have some great scenery and one of our regular members has an extensive set too
To busy to get to the shops, 'Hidden Realms' normally has a great supply of Army Painter bits that he bring to the club for you to buy!
The rebels are going down in Deadzone
A Corporate sniper strike from up high
Deadzone from above
Yes, we do have female player attending the club, so girls, don't be afraid to come down and play!
Space Marines and Necrons clash
Triarch Stalker claims an objective
Boom!!! Enough said
Necron warriors

Necron Wraiths
Necron Tomb Blades
Custom Necron Templates
The dreaded Eldar move into the Tau defences
Can the Tau hold out
Awesome paiting
LOTR up close
Two armies clash
A Troll finishes off the rider of Rohan
Defiled Super-heavy
Chaos Obliterator of the Nurgle kind
Death from the skies
and the ground
Blood Angles and Tau fight it out over a massive ruin
The Kroot take the flank
Letting the Fire Warriors hold the line
New armies are quite welcome so you don't have to have everything painted to play.
Shadows of the warp conceal the Tyranid threat
The swarm moves out
and the Blood Angels move in
From above and below
The other end of the club
And to finish, even more Tyranids

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