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Space Wolves Flyer: What are your thoughts

Stormfang Gunship
Space Wolves Stormfang Gunship 

The new Space Wolves flyer is out and I was wandering what all your thoughts are? Is it totally amaxing or a complete flop. Personally i'm not sure about it, looks more of a space boarding craft than a flyer on the battle field. I guess we will have to wait for in game results.

Anyway, below is an extract from GW's blog:

A helfrosty reception

This weekend saw the Stormfang Gunship go on pre-order, a new and deadly war machine for the Space Wolves. Heavily armoured from bow to stern and armed with a devastating helfrost destructor, it’s destined to be the terror of the skies and the doom of aliens and heretics across the galaxy.

Forged in the shape of a wolf’s head, the Stormfang Gunship is an unsubtle, brutish aircraft that’s more like an armoured ram than a plane. All thrust and power, it skims low to the ground, unleashing a hail of fire from its vast arsenal of weapons before roaring into the air to tackle enemy flyers. Adept at both ground assaults and air-to-air combat, it’s a fearsome adversary that even the most hardened fighter ace wouldn’t want to face.
Stormfang Gunship
Heavy bolters, skyhammer missile launchers, multi-meltas, lascannons, stormstrike missiles – the Stormfang Gunship has access to a range of devastating weapons, all of which come in the kit. One things for sure, though, you’ll be wanting to use the new helfrost destructor, which fires a beam of energy at its target, shattering it into icy shards. 
Stormfang Gunship
The Stormfang is piloted by an Iron Priest and backed up by a powerful machine spirit. While most of the craft is dedicated to engines and guns, there is still room inside to transport a squad of six Space Wolves – a nasty surprise for anyone thinking it might be an easy target.

You can find the full rules, stage-by-stage painting guides and Designers Notes for the Stormfang Gunship in White Dwarf, out now. If you’ve already got a Space Wolves army, or you’re thinking about starting one, the Stormfang would make a fine addition to the pack

Please comment and let us know your thoughts?

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  1. It'll look better once all the extra bits are taken off, and it's given a more subtle paint job. It's basically half a caesus ram (or however you spell it), which is a pretty decent looking flyer. Stopped by my local GW, they didn't have any setup yet, so no word on seeing it in person.

    In game play, it's got Storm Raven syndrome. A good number of its weapons have extremely poor line of sight, or are blocked by the flyers hull. This creates large dead zones for the top mounted weapons, and limits it's actual usefulness. The side sponsons (much like the SR or LRC), also create a front dead zone. I feel they will be practically useless, as the machine spirit will be mainly used to fire one of the main weapons while you jink.

    It's other issue (exactly as the storm raven). Is that you can't assault out of it the turn you arrive. Because it has no death from the skies, you have to sit on the board for a turn, before you can swap to hover and get out of it. If you've ever used a storm raven....this can be extremely bad.

    It is pretty cool you can take one as a dedicated transport though!