Thursday, 18 September 2014

Games Night: 16.09.2014

Games Night at Pork Chop Gaming

What a fantastic night with lots of different games played including Wings of Glory WWII, Dropzone Commander, X-Wing, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k.

If you fancy a game of Dropzone Commander our resident Guru Al will be happy to give you and intro game, you name it he has it!

We also now have our our 3' x 4' Wings of Glory map suitable for WWI or WW2 games. The club also has a set of the rules and tokens and with a few of us playing either Allied or Axis, you can take your choice of what you want to play and get an intro game or a full on epic battle!

Please if you are seeing this, spread the work and share with anyone you know and let Pork Chop Gaming get even better with more members!

I look forwards to seeing you all again next week. Find us 'Here'.

Sorry about the pics, they were taken from my mobile.

Pictures of last night fun below... 

 American Mustang enters the skies
 Followed by a famous Red tail
 Pork Chop Gaming Wings of Glory map
 Spitfire one
 Spitfire Two
 Let battle commence (well training exercise)
The Spitfires tails the lead Mustang while the Red Tail slips in for a kill 
 Dropzone commander battlefield
 Fantastic cardboard terrain
 With excellent detailing
 Ground view
 Or near miss
 Tau vs Space Marines
 Playing on one of our Realm of Battle boards available at the club
With some matching terrain that can be used for Fantasy or 40k 
 Will the Imperial Fists hold the line
 Tau Empire vs Farsight Enclaves
 Fighting over a compound
 Some fantastic looking Vespids
 And some well painted Tau
 Looks like a Farsight bomb to me!
 The power of skimmers
 The deadly Hammerhead
 Fantasy on the march
 Playing on our other Realm of battle board
Whats this, a Tigershark you say
 A mean, lean killing machine
 Running past creaters
 Holding a skyshield
 With Devastators holding the high ground
 The forces move in on the Dropzone
 An epic battle
 With fantastic models and terrain
 Birds eye view
 Some tanks

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