Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Seasons Greetings From PCG

Oh, and a happy New Year too...

It has been a fantastic year of hobby fun at Pork Chop Gaming, and the club has grown so much in the last 12 months with so many more game systems being played and on offer to play by the club itself.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have come along to the club and the regulars that help make it what it is today... Without you there would be no dice rolling, no laughter, no epic battles and one less place to enjoy playing your preferred game system.

So this is to all of you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Chip 'n' Dale & Toby too" @ Pork Chop Gaming!

But Wait...

We are not done for the year yet...  On Tuesday 30th December, we are open all day from 10am - 6pm for some awesome all day gaming, so you can bring out your new models or games before the new year; Here's what's on offer:

Membership to PCG has now officially started for 2015, and will be available to buy on the day... at the end of the day we will hold the draw to see who wins FREE gaming for January 2015!! 

£to game all day. 
£for Members. 
Bring someone new who plays & you will both receive a £discount off the event price. 

A huge 1000 point drop in game will be hosted by Carl Smith (awaiting full details by empire messenger

Dale will be inviting 200pt Kill Teams to storm his forgotten stronghold, held buy the last unit of "Pigryn's", to steal the sacred "Pigquila" standard!! 

Haven't got any models? That's fine, there will be a selection of pre-made Kill Teams from different races for you to use. 

Robey Jenkins will be inviting any and all to come try out a few shots at OPERATION ICE STORM!! 


Those nasty Dark Eldar are calling for all mighty character/leaders to come and prove they really do deserve to call themselves HEROES!!!! 

Toby & Graham are leading a Waaargh!! They are looking for 5, 1000pt 40K gamers to come and have a go if you think you got what it takes to stop the green tide!!! 

Chip shall be taking to the skies over 1944 Europe with the trusty RAF, so come along and fly some Classic WW2 fighters in this great game. 

Also available on the day… SPACEHULK – BLOODBOWL - 

5 6ft tables for whatever games you care to organise, please post up below if you'd like a game 

As well as the fine selection of beverages available from the 2Pigs bar, Tea & Coffee will also be available along with FREE h20.

So everyone, please come along, spread the word, and let’s get off that sofa after Xmas!!

~ Roll Dice and Have Fun @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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