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Unboxing Dreadball Xtreme

I haven't seen anyone do a proper unboxing of Dreadball Xtreme yet, so I figured that now that mine has arrived, I'll correct that.

First off, to add in a bit of context, I'll show off... The Shame.

These are the Deadzone Wave 2 models that I haven't got round to assembling yet. Fortunately, it's only a handful of actual models, with the rest being terrain.

However, Dreadball Xtreme! The box that arrived is surprisingly not that huge.

Opening it, it's very well packed.

After several minutes clearing out peanuts, I have:

So, there's some loose bits outside the box. - Including, 2 decal sheets, a set of tokens and a leaflet.

We've also got the box art photograph signed by a certain Ronnie.

And the rulebook itself. I was a little surprised to see it only included the rules for the first 2 sponsors, though. I'm going to wonder if there's enough variation with the free agents to keep people occupied for that.

Also loose in the box, were 2 accessory sets.

Also, the Free Agents set. This was unexpected, as I thought they would have come with the retail game. - Maybe it's just the individual Warden and Blaine models in the retail.

We then have, the box itself.

It's tightly packed, with the glorious mousemat mat and another leaflet. - Except, this time, the leaflet has the lovely lovely Mantic Points on the back of it!

The mat itself, is just awesome looking and is slightly smaller than the Deadzone one, at 22 inches. However, it's just glorious.

There's a second set of tokens in the box itself. I'm guessing the ones outside the box are incase any of the tokens there went missing. - As you can see, they fell out very easily.

The main box comes with an internal tray to help ensure that you're read to play. - It comes with 2 slots for your cards, plus a team tray and extra space at the back for the scenery.

Here are the 2 card types, Sabotage (I think this used to be called Dirty Tricks in the beta?) and Special Move cards. Unfortunately, Mantic have chosen a really very odd size for the cards that done fit the Fantasy Flight games 'mini american card game' sleeves. To be honest, this is really quite disappointing for me. Darn it, Mantic!

Shiny shiny new bases, 12 of each colour and some new dice as well. Helpfully, the base colours seem to match the colours on the mat. This is far better than me trying to use the GW glazes to colour my own bases.

We have the minis now. There's 2 identical bags, containing both Kalyishi and Convicts. - There's even 2 prone models for each team in each bag.

I'm guessing the retail set will just come with 8 models, plus the prones for each side. What is neat is the Grogan comes with alternative head/arms. 2 balls in the bag as well. - One thing I can't remember is if you might need 3 balls as well.

I suppose that's good for us in the Kickstarter, as we have 4 balls with the second bag. I've got to say, the Convicts really do look ace.

Here is a close up of the Kalyshi models. One thing I'm a little worried about when it comes to painting them, especially after undercoating them, is that the faces of the most lightly armoured type models may end up being very shallow. - I'll need to be very careful when undercoating these...

Unfortunately, Mantic didn't manage to make even this small dropoff be error free. - One of the Guard type models has had a missing arm. Yet another trip to the missing parts form for me, I'm afraid. It's good that the minis all come preassembled at least.

The 2 sets of scenery gives you plenty of crates and 4 scoring zones. - I'm guessing these will need to come in the retail box as well

They seem nicely detailed and I'm thinking these are proper 'hard' plastic as opposed to board game plastic. Though I don't think you need to glue any, and they just push fit together without glue. - Great for the boardgame-ey nature of the set.

Here are the closeup of the crate lids. - They even have the numbers sculpted on. If I remember right, that's the number of attack dice you roll.

And finally, here is the unboxed 'Free Agents' set. There's lots of weird, random aliens here, from Tree monsters to squid-spiders and the mighty Blaine. The detail on these really are great, even with the Zees and I can see people having a great time trying out all sorts of crazy colour schemes with the free agents.

And that's the Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter Wave 1 unboxed!

However, as I can't leave it there... Dreadball Xtreme!

I had to set out a sample game so I could have a few rushes before bed.
Dreadball Xtreme!

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