Saturday, 24 January 2015

Checkpoint Station II: The Lost Colony

Back in November 2013, the first wave of Mantic's Deadzone kickstarter arrived. However, it wasn't just a fun X-com style sci fi tabletop skirmish game. Along with it, came something more than that... Possibly something of a far greater impact than the game it was introduced with... Mantic's Battlezones Terrain.

I've always wanted to have my scenery in games to be able to tell a story. If anything, the battle told the story of a game more than the armies themselves.

And so, a story began to take shape. Checkpoint Station. A waystation on an outer colony world and a local administrative cente. Being a tradehub for offworld goods, a small settlement grew up around the station.

However, when a Plague Artifact was discovered upon the world... Checkpoint Settlement was abandoned.

And fell into ruin. The local militia forces in Checkpoint Station were eventually forced to abandon their secondary gatehouse.

Only Checkpoint Station itself remained intact.

Of course, Checkpoint Station wasn't a true Military Installation and barricades had to be hastily created and manned.

It was more a waystation and distribution center. Admittedly, it did contain some defences.

And a garrison, just in case some raiders came knocking.

Ultimately, however. It's primary purpose was trade, as shown by these small market stalls leading the way to the Nexus of Checkpoint Station itself.

Checkpoint Nexus was the central point of the Insallation and the only building truly designed to resist disaster, housing the Administrative Chiefs and Garrison Commanders. Only time will tell, if it is successful.

The fort did have a good line of fire from it's defensive Suppression Cannon, in case the worst should happen...

Even so, Checkpoint Station was a vital location that could not be abandoned so easily, despite the huge amount of ground to cover.

Fortunately, Checkpoint Station has managed better than the Settlement... So far.

Will it suffer the same fate?

I can't wait to find out!

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  1. This is an absolutely amazing board. I just love these super epic.