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Citadel Technical Paints

Citadel Technical Paints

So Games Workshop have had their New Technical Paints out for a while, and interestingly enough, there are many people who are oblivious to the videos that accompany the paints. Yes, Games Workshop have given us some FREE 'How To' guides for their new paint range.

To save you all from having to locate these videos individually, I have bundled them all together in this single post for you. I seriously suggest you check them out as they are invaluable for extra detail painting information. The videos can be found below, I hope you enjoy them.

Nihilakh Oxide

Nihilakh Oxide is a wash that allows any painter to add a verdigris finish to their models. It's an opaque wash that can be applied to the recesses and cracks of a miniature to represent the weathering of brass or bronze.

It can be applied straight from the pot, either sparingly for picking out small details, or across a large surface.

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Blood For The Blood God

What soldier doesn't look better with blood on his sword? Blood for the Blood God allows you to add a level of gore to your miniatures straight from the pot.

It's a translucent paint, similar to a wash, but thicker and with vivid colour. It dries with a gloss, wet look finish that allows any painter to create a realistic blood effect on their miniatures.

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Typhus Corrosion

Typhus Corrosion is a wash that has been specifically designed to add streaks of oily rust to Citadel Miniatures. It can be painted into recesses, around rivets, or between panel lines to give a realistic, time-worn appearance to a model.

The paint itself also contains tiny micro-beads which leaves a subtle texture when dry. If you drybrush Ryza Rust over the top of this you'll get a complete rust effect on your miniatures.

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Ryza Rust

If you're painting rust, Ryza Rust should part of your paint collection. It's a Citadel Dry paint, meaning that you apply it with a drybrush on your miniatures.

It's been specifically designed to be used with Typhus Corrosion, and the two should be used together to get the best effects.

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Nurgle's Rot

Have you always wanted your models to look diseased, but struggled to find a paint to do the job? Look no further because Nurgle's Rot is officially the most disgusting paint we've ever made.

This nasty looking, bright green, paint can be used as a finishing touch to any model in your collection. Whether you're adding pustules, snot, buboes, or even vomit, this should be your first choice paint.

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Agrellan Earth

Agrellan Earth is a new paint that enables any painter to create a cracked earth effect on the bases of their miniatures. Simply paint it straight onto the base of any miniature and wait for it to dry. It really is that easy.

The example in the photos above is painted over a black undercoat, as the Agrellan Earth dries the undercoat will be exposed in the cracks.

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So there are the videos and I think most of you will agree are very informative and will help out with our painting a great deal. For me I am looking forward to using Nurgle's Rot, Typhus Corrosion and obviously Blood For The Blood God.

If you feel inclined, send uspictures of your models using the new Technical range and I will post the on the site to share with all.

Images, Videos and Product descriptions courtesy of Games Workshop

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