Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Games Night: 29.04.2014

Pork Chop Gaming - Games Night

Another fantastically successful night at PCG. Lots of new a veteran Warhammer 40k players, with a game of Deadzone, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars X-Wing going on too.

A great atmosphere was present with the buzz of excited gamers of all ages, playing different genres.

 War in the 41st Millennium.
 Fellow gamers clearly enjoying themselves at Pork Chop Gaming.
 Eldar, Chaos Space Marines and Tau all battle it out in varied battle zones with varying degrees of death and carnages.
 A fantasy face of in Lord of the Rings, which army will become victorious.
 Who will survive the Deadzone
 Dark Angels hunt for the fallen in amongst the ruins while the Raven Guard investigate the possibility of dark deads.
Tiger Claw and Blood Angel Space Marines battle it out on a training exercise in an outer hive sub district.

~ Let the Pork see the Chop @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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