Tuesday, 29 April 2014

In The Begining

Pork Chop Gaming - Launch Night

The first night of the club being officially open and it was a great success. a variety of games were being played across the board and lots of new friends were made. Tables were set up for a large multi player 40k game and several normal 40k games. Lord of The Rings, Deadzone, Dreadfleet and Blood Bowl.

The atmosphere was great and the regular gaming nights since have been most enjoyable too. blow are some more pics from the night.

Tables set up ready for gaming, some smaller 4 x 4 tables were there for new players to get stuck into the game.
Dreadfleet, and Blood Bowl set up ready and a space for Deadzone too.
Not forgetting the all important BAR!
Too Lord of the Rings armies clash on the battlefield.
Warhammer 40k players battle it out.
8 x 4 board being fought across by 6 40k gamers, the biggest game of the night, with new and veteran players all having fun.
A casual beer being had while the other side plan their next move.

So that was just a few pic from the opening night, more will follow as time goes by. Please keep checking back for more.

~ Let the Pork see the Chop @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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