Monday, 23 June 2014

Apocalypse Games Night: 20.06.2014

Apocalypse Games Night at Pork Chop Gaming

So PCG hosted an Apocalypse Games Night on Friday. it was great fun and ran into the wee hours of the morning, our first for 7th ed Warhammer 40k and we definitely need more practice at very large games. It worked out at about 8k per side over two 12' x 6' tables. I will let the pictures do the talking this time.

The Players

Please remember to spread the word and let all your friends know about us, you never know who might pop along and join in the fun! The more people who come, the more fun can be had, the better the club will get! Remember, it's not just Warhammer 40k that's played, we will play anything and everything!

I look forwards to seeing you all again next week. Find us 'Here'.

Pictures of last night fun below...

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