Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Games Night: 17.06.2014

Games Night at Pork Chop Gaming

A great night of gaming again, lots of Warhammer 40,000, including some Kill Team missions being played out in a story driven campaign. Deadzone showed its face again along with Lord of the rings, and a new Print and Play boards game, Zombie Plague was also played.

Lots of varied games are played at the club, so please remember to spread the word and let all your friends know about us, you never know who might pop along and join in the fun! The more people who come, the more fun can be had, the better the club will get!

I look forwards to seeing you all again next week. Find us 'Here'.

Pictures of last night fun below...

Deadzone and Zombie Plague set up and ready to play
The unstoppable Eldar take on the Tau Empire and Necrons
An Eldar Wraithknight prepares to crush the enemy
While the other take on the Tau
Deadly Eldar and Dark Eldar bike speed across the battlefield
Necrons plan on taking out the Imperial Knight
Necron Warriors move in to secure an objective
Crimson Hunter zooms onto the battlefield
PCG Members having fun
Tyranids and Blood Angels battle it out
Metal vs Flesh in the sky
Blood Angel Stormraven
Tyranid Monstrous Creature
The Swarm moves
While a Tervigon is ready to spawn more Tyranids
More PCG Members having a great time
Nurgle take on the Space Marines
Oh, and they take an Imperial Knight too
Awesome Explosion / smoke markers, they flash!
And another
A Heldrake speeds between two buildings being chase by Landspeeders
Carnage hits
PCG Member plays Games Workshop Cheltenham's Manager
Blood Angels and Tau Empire fight over a city settlement
Relaxing as the Tau do the work
While the Blood Angels move in for the kill
Two armies clash
The Ruin make a great centre piece
Death from above
After finishing a game of Lord of the Rings strategy battle, PCG members decide to roll dice for fun.
Model view
Plague marines move out of a ruin
And the plague dice are rolled
PCG members having fun
Another great game of Deadzone played
Awesome terrain
with lots of bits to go with it
A kill Team mission lasts longer than normal due to the amount of Chaos Cultists
But the PCG members are having a great time
Kill team, got to love it
Deadzone minis
More Deadzone
And even more Deadzone, a great skirmish game
Raven Gurard Veterans
The Parting shot

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