Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Inquisitor Warhammer 40k 1996 Short film

Inquisitor Short Film

So I dug this out for anyone interested, It was made in 1996 and to be honest, at the time it was absolutely fantastic, and still is in many ways. Anyway, why not watch it... Memories for some, inspiration for others.

If this has got your gaming juices flowing, then why not pop down to Pork Chop Gaming and have a go at the playing a game?

For new people, you need not have an army as the club and some members have ones you can use, and we will be happy to start teaching you the rules. And for veterans, bring your armies down and have a game with some of our members.

Not into Warhammer 40,000? That's fine, just pop down and play another game system or bring one with you, we're keen and eager for more.

Don't forget we are open every Tuesday 7 - 10pm.

~ Let the Pork see the Chop @ Pork Chop Gaming ~

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